Express Yourself

Express Yourself

by Val Gennoff

Fashion has become an outlet for many of us to wear our personalities on our sleeve, quite literally. In decade’s past, fashion was more homogeneous with almost everyone of a certain age looking incredibly similar. This could mean bell bottoms and platform heels in the 70s, hairspray and shoulder pads in the 80s or plaid shirts and Dr. Martens in the 90s. Luckily for us, we now live in the age of choice. We have more choices than anyone really needs and as overwhelming as this can be, it is these choices that allow us to express ourselves through our clothes.

Fashion has always been a medium of personal expression whether this meant a religious, political or even social-economic stance. Fashion is a barometer for what is going on around us and it does not act in a vacuum. High-end fashion designers are constantly looking to the real world for inspiration and often reacting to and commenting on the events we are faced with. Using fashion to make a statement is no longer viewed as rebellious but is welcomed and appreciated. We live in a time where fashion is being documented at a dizzying rate starting with people like The Sartorialist and moving forward to bloggers and pretty much anyone with a phone. As much as we dress for ourselves and for utilitarian purposes, there is still a part of us that wants to dress for onlookers and share a part of our story with them.

Everyone wants to be in the spotlight and dressing well goes hand in hand with that. It is now that individuality and personality count more than ever because everyone has seen everything before. Nothing is new, nothing is sacred. Trends begin and end quicker than you can say New York Fashion Week and our memories are shorter than ever. Being able to stand out of the crowd and creating your own sense of style has to come from within you. The one thing that no one can replicate is you so it’s only natural that you use this as a springboard for your sartorial journeys. When thinking of what you want your fashion story to be, consider who you are and what makes you feel good. It really is true that when you feel good, you look good as well so show off your personality with your fashion choices and express your true self!

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